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Our Team

Kathy Packer

Lead Teacher, Early Preschool

Kathy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Youth Agency Administration and a Masters in Teaching. She earned a Montessori Certification from North West Teachers College, through Bellevue Montessori and completed an internship at Eton school.  She then owned and directed “Today’s Child Montessori” for 14 years. While living in Montana, she helped open an all outdoor nature preschool.

Kathy loves nature and the outdoors, often hiking and backpacking in the North West. She also loves to learn new things, reading, cooking and, of course, eating. She’s very interested in human brain development and has studied the subject independently for many years.

She is the proud mother of two grown sons who live close to her.  Of course she believes they are both geniuses, one a technical genius and the other an artistic genius. Kathy is not just prejudiced with regard to her own children but believes all are children are geniuses in their own right. It is the educator’s job to allow the children to discover their own internal genius and nurture it.