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After School Enrichment

Ballet (Ages 3+):

Ballet I: Students will explore basic ballet movement in a fun and creative environment. Dancers will love learning new steps while acting out stories using exciting props to spark their creativity. Ms. Wendi, who trained in England at the Laine Theatre Arts College, has been teaching ballet in Seattle for over 20 years. She’ll help your child develop basic ballet technique which develops flexibility, coordination, strength, physical awareness and body control while having fun.

Ballet II: In this class, your child will be challenged to perfect their technique and build on their dance vocabulary. They’ll continue to build their fundamentals and explore their creative expression through dance and music. Also taught by Ms. Wendi, this class will expand your child’s knowledge of ballet through repetition, exploration, storytelling, and play.

Capoeira (Ages 3+)

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art form that combines self-defense, dance, music, rhythm, acrobatics, history and culture. Capoeira helps children build their fitness, increase their endurance, improve flexibility, agility, speed, balance, coordination and rhythm. It gives children a boost in self-confidence and teaches important self-defense techniques.

Chess (Ages 5+)

We’re dedicated to providing the best quality chess instruction for our students. Our program integrates lessons on openings, tactics, endgames, strategy, tournament skills and sportsmanship. Our curriculum helps players naturally learn social and life skills through chess. Through our partnership with Orlov Chess Academy, students learn respect for other players, form friendships, work well under stress, celebrate their victories appropriately, and take defeat with grace.

Karate (Ages 3+)

Our after school Pre-Karate and Karate programs are welcoming and safe environments. Our professional martial arts instructors are dedicated to working with youth and helping students progress through different levels to hone each skill. Through this program, your child will learn technical and practical skills and a positive mindset that will benefit them in all areas of life.

Mandarin (Ages 3+)

At Living Montessori, children have the opportunity to learn Mandarin language and Chinese culture in a fun, immersive environment. Our dynamic, native-speaking teachers use a communicative approach and lots of gestures, so everyone participates in the fun. Immersed in Mandarin, students engage in games and activities, and learn through music, movement, drama and art. Your child will learn useful everyday vocabulary and functional language such as describing actions and expressions.

Private Piano Lessons (Ages 4+)

During private piano lessons, your child will explore the piano’s sounds, the geography of the keyboard, and be introduced to the basics of music theory. Your child will learn to identify different notes and rests, know the difference between the treble clef and the bass clef, and build their fine motor skill, as well as spatial and temporal thinking, through the practice of using their fingers. All concepts are taught in a fun, engaging atmosphere that is individualized for each student. Each child also participates in a recital at the end of each ten week session. This provides a sense of inner achievement and pride for their hard work and improved skills.

Silly Signs Sign Language (Ages 3+)

In our Silly Signs Sign Language class, your child will learn over 1,000 American Sign Language words. Your child will engage with a variety of content including games, videos, apps, and more that will immerse them in the world of ASL. Our goal is for your child to learn a skill they can use for the rest of their lives and be able to engage with members of the deaf community and ASL signers of all kinds.

Soccer (Ages 3-5)

This introductory level soccer program teaches the basics of soccer while cultivating a love of the game and physical fitness. Soccer Shots Classic uses creative and imaginative games to focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing and shooting. We also highlight positive character traits like respect, teamwork and appreciation during each session.

Swim Lessons (required for Elementary, optional for 3rd year students)

Primary third year students have the opportunity to join the Elementary class for weekly swim lessons at the YMCA. We believe all children should have a basic knowledge of water safety. These lessons build self-confidence and can lead to a lifetime of water enjoyment. Trained swim instructors make swimming fun for all participants by providing a positive, caring environment with plenty of encouragement. Children learn various strokes as well as basic water safety. Progressive lessons start children at their own level and build upon their capabilities with technique instruction, games and lots of practice.

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