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Infant & Toddler Program

Through a holistic curriculum, your child will build strong foundations upon which to learn and grow. In our Infant and Toddler Program, your child will explore their senses and develop social, physical, cognitive, and emotional skills. Each curriculum level described below continues and builds upon the previous level.

Curriculum Goals for Infants

Emotional: At Living Montessori, your child will learn to establish basic trust and security, build a routine, and develop relations with those around them. They’ll also build a foundation for understanding and expressing how they feel.

Social: Your child will build their social skills through building their awareness of others, understanding reciprocal interactions, and comprehending and responding to social cues.

Physical: In our program, your child will develop natural reflexes and grasps, build their sense of body control, and develop their hand-eye coordination.

Cognitive: Cognitive development is an integral piece of your child’s education. Through inquiry and play, they’ll explore objects using their senses, practice imitation and discover object permanence. They’ll explore the concept of same and different, cause and effect, anticipate familiar events, and learn about setting goals. Through a variety of activities, they’ll learn about associating properties with things, awareness of their surroundings, tracking objects, and early concept of quantity. Finally, they’ll bolster their communication skills through one-on-one interactions, listening and responding, babbles, imitating sounds, and basic awareness of the function of spoken language.

Music: Your infant will enjoy weekly visits from our music specialist who will sing and clap with the children to promote the concepts of steady beat, controlled movement and love of song.

Curriculum Goals for Toddlers

Emotional: As your child grows, our curriculum builds upon their understanding of emotions and emotional competency. They’ll learn to recognize different emotions, express wants and needs, and develop a sense of independence.

Social: Through our Early Education program, your toddler will begin the process of understanding and responding to social cues. They’ll delve into parallel play and develop concept of space.

Cognitive: In our toddler program, your child will build their attention span, begin to understand functional relationships and understand basic qualities of environment. They’ll build their cognitive function by observing people and things from various perspectives and apply learned skills in new situations. They build the foundations for mathematical comprehension through early quantity and number concept, filling and emptying, putting in and taking out, taking things apart and putting back together. Finally, they’ll identify familiar objects, build their active listening skills and improve communication through gestures and language.

Language: As a toddler, your child is exploring language and learning how to communicate. At Living Montessori, your child will develop speech-like patterns, learn and use new vocabulary, understand reciprocal aspect of language, and learn how to verbalize their needs.

Physical: Our goals for your child’s physical development include building their gross and fine motor skills, gaining understanding of body awareness and control, and developing coordination, balance, flexibility and stamina.

Music: Your toddler will continue to pair singing with controlled movement and steady beat in weekly music circles. Singing begins to support your child’s language development through rhymes and new vocabulary.

Curriculum Goals for Early Preschoolers

Emotional: As your child grows at Living Montessori, they’ll build their emotional regulation, learn to show empathy for others, and practice self-control.

Social: As your child becomes more aware and interactive with all of the children in their class, their distinct personalities begin to shine. They learn about respect for self and others, cooperation with peers and teachers, and they progress in their ability to share space and materials. They begin to learn about grace and courtesy as well as care and respect for their environment.

As your child builds their cognitive function, they will:

  • Refine their sense of order within their environment
  • Develop concentration
  • Hone visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and gustatory senses for discrimination and gradation
  • Gain understanding of functional relationships, explore basic qualities of their environment, adapt learned skills and a variety of strategies to solve problems
  • Understand concept of more and less, big and small, high and low
  • Expand communication skills through language and symbols
  • Develop conceptual understanding of numbers and counting

Language: Your child’s comprehension of language expands as we model proper communication skills, promote verbal expression, and use books to build vocabulary and sequential awareness as well as instill a love of stories.

Physical: In our Early Preschool Program your child will refine their gross and fine motor skills through purposeful and coordinated movement both inside the classroom and on the playground.

Music: Your child will participate in weekly circles with our music specialist to promote group participation and love of music. They will build upon their awareness of beat and lyrics in order to support their language development, coordinated movement, and musicality. They will practice that musicality through exploration with various world instruments.

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